Individual Consultations

Dr. Jayshree Chander is Board Certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, as well as Family and Community Medicine. She is well versed in the principles of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga, and Ashiatsu. She has a graduate degree in Public Health with an emphasis in Environmental Health Sciences. Her expertise and experience covers almost all the bases. Her specialties include listening and kindness.

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  • Wellness and Illness Consultation
  • Prevention Oriented Well-being Review
  • Workplace and Environmental Hazards Consultation
  • Mental and Physical Fitness Consultation
  • Life Events and Circumstances Consultation
  • STD Prevention
  • Pregnancy Prevention
  • Preconception Preventive Care and Counseling
  • Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultation*
  • Referrals to specialists and alternative practitioners

The following services are only provided in person:

  • Pre-employment and volunteer examinations
  • Periodic school examinations
  • Pre-adoption examinations
  • Ashiatsu sessions**
  • Private Iyengar yoga instruction***

Please Note: Doctor Chander cannot practice medicine via the internet; no matter how hard she presses on the keyboard she won't be able to feel your pulse. Doctor Chander will not dispense medical advice via email - if you have health concerns please schedule a consultation or see your doctor. For full disclaimer please see Disclaimer Page.