The UnPrescription

Improvising Health and Happiness

100_3822The UnPrescription is an antidote to prescriptive ideas about health and well-being. There is a no one correct way to live a healthy and happy life. Everyone is different. Every environment is different. Every circumstance is different. People have access to such a wide variety of resources that prescribing one correct way of living is impossible, and possibly inhumane. Of course, a humane society will do its best to ensure equitable access to basic needs necessary for sound health. Creativity is often required to fulfill a satisfactory life. Improvising is creativity applied to whatever is present at any given moment. Improvisational skills are a practical necessity of daily living. Everything, ranging from conversations, to transportation, to eating, to working, to relaxing requires spontaneous responses to current circumstances. One great source of stress is to think things are not happening as we think they are supposed to occur, or how we imagined they might occur. When we recognize that so many times things do not go as prescribed, our best recourse is to be skilled at the UnPrescribed way of life.

100_3825Improvising one’s life makes one feel more alive, more free, more connected to the spirit of each moment, to one’s own humanity. Improvising diminishes the suffering caused by the ego which is always concerned with being correct and avoiding mistakes and appearing good and doing what one should. Improvising makes life less intimidating and allows one to be less inhibited and self-absorbed, while encouraging generosity and forgiveness with oneself and others. Improvisational skills train one to become more aware of the present moment, to notice what is available, to accept what the situation is offering, and to respond with respect.

With improvisation one allows the body, and life, to take the lead, in a way. One develops a “jazz” approach to life and health, letting go of the need for a recipe or a score. One is never more alive than when living in the improvisational mode.


  • Intuition
  • Creativity
  • Empowerment
  • Confidence
  • Agency
  • Playfulness
  • Inner Guidance
  • Freedom
  • Expanded Limits


  • Time
  • Effort
  • Awareness
  • Focus
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Shifting Control
  • Personal Criteria
  • Recognizing Opportunities

The UnPrescription simultaneously promotes primary prevention as well as quaternary prevention. Primary prevention promotes health, well being, resistance and resilience to disease, and prevents the onset or occurrence of illnesses and injuries. Quaternary prevention avoids the consequences of unnecessary medical interventions, including over-diagnosis and over-treatment. Improvisational skills are very useful in helping one cope with medical treatments and interventions. The intention of both types of prevention is not to eliminate medical care but to minimize the “medicalization” of daily life.

Please Note: Doctor Chander cannot practice medicine via the internet; no matter how hard she presses on the keyboard she won't be able to feel your pulse. Doctor Chander will not dispense medical advice via email - if you have health concerns please schedule a consultation or see your doctor. For full disclaimer please see Disclaimer Page.

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