Beyond Holistic is seeking partnering organizations for several of the programs. Please contact us here.

  • Shakti Shanti: organizations working towards empowering females and preventing violence.
  • Fathers and Brothers Care: organizations working to enroll men as allies in stopping the violence against females, and those working to empower males to recognize their own inherent value without needing to dominate females and nature.
  • Primary Prevention Ambulance: organizations working to promote bicycle powered transportation; local sustainable agriculture, access to affordable high quality produce, and vocational training.
  • Nei Jing Now!: media outlets eager to share intelligent programming that offers an integrative multidisciplinary perspective on health and well-being that inspires us to live differently.
  • Beyond Asana: organizations working to expand the practice of yoga to include the spectrum from social activism to spiritual introspection.
  • JypsyJays Productions: producer presenting high quality theater that inspires people to think differently.
  • The UnPrescription: collaborators skilled in facilitating improvisation in cooking, singing, music, dancing, acting, writing, and painting.
  • Pedal Power: organizations advocating for safety and facility in walking and bicycling for transportation and recreation.


Please Note: Doctor Chander cannot practice medicine via the internet; no matter how hard she presses on the keyboard she won't be able to feel your pulse. Doctor Chander will not dispense medical advice via email - if you have health concerns please schedule a consultation or see your doctor. For full disclaimer please see Disclaimer Page.

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