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P1010739The Global Pedal Coalition is an international online resource where pedestrian and bicycle advocacy groups from across the planet can share information on how to promote walking and bicycling as a safe and convenient form of daily transportation for all strata of society. Local coalitions can share successful and ineffective strategies for advocating with city councils for improving safe bicycling and walking conditions on city streets and rural roads, ensuring adequate bicycle parking, educational programs for bicyclists, drivers, and pedestrians, and fair treatment of injury cases by police and judges. The Global Pedal Coalition will also help grassroots organizers start Critical Mass rides and create connected green networks in their cities.SAMSUNG

Walking and bicycling are excellent ways to improve individual fitness while fostering a sense of community and connection with nature. The impact on local air pollution can be significant when combined with public transportation by masses of people. Therefore the Global Pedal Coalition also supports the improvement and expansion of public transportation systems in metropolitan areas as well as rural areas. Local governments need to be motivated (and pressured) to allocate resources towards pedal forms of transportation and recreation.

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