Beyond HolisticMission

Beyond Holistic is dedicated to helping you prioritize your well-being. My mission is to support you in becoming hearty individuals and wholesome communities by optimizing personal mind-body-life practices, interpersonal harmony, gender relations, and civic engagement. Beyond Holistic puts prevention at the forefront and fashions being healthy as really fun.



What is Beyond Holistic?

Beyond Holistic is a non-traditional physician led interdisciplinary, integrative, intercultural practice. The premise is that all human activity is health related. Beyond Holistic empowers people to prioritize their well being and cultivate their resistance and resilience to illnesses and injuries. Beyond Holistic expands the scope of a clinical preventive practice to include personal mind-body practices, interpersonal communication skills, creative arts, humor, sound workplace practices, community engagement, civic action, and deep relaxation. Interventions are designed to be as independent of technology as possible and easily accessible regardless of affluence. The intention is for people to move away from dependence on prescriptions and medical interventions towards utilizing their own resources to achieve wellness.  Rather than viewing yourselves as clients or patients, you can grow to recognize yourselves as active participants in creating health for yourselves and others.

Beyond Holistic recasts the concept of a medical practice while revolutionizing mainstream thinking about health and prevention beyond individual behavior change. Most integrative medical practices focus on treatment of illnesses by including therapeutic modalities other than allopathic (“Western) medicine, with an emphasis on nutritional supplements & individual lifestyle modification. Some preventive practices offer mostly secondary preventive services (immunizations & screening tests). Other health education and political action groups focus on one issue at a time.  Beyond Holistic utilizes a multi-pronged approach because Life is Interdisciplinary and Multi-factorial. 



Please Note: Doctor Chander cannot practice medicine via the internet; no matter how hard she presses on the keyboard she won't be able to feel your pulse. Doctor Chander will not dispense medical advice via email - if you have health concerns please schedule a consultation or see your doctor. For full disclaimer please see Disclaimer Page.