Stories of Resilience

Beyond Holistic invites you to share your story of prevention, resistance, resilience, courage, and recovery.
Please feel free to contact me. Your story can be shared anonymously, if you prefer.

Contact Doctor Chander

If you have prevented or averted a traumatic event, an injury, an illness, or a consequence or any of these, I want to hear your story.

If you’ve escaped or resisted something I want to know how.

If you’ve developed and accessed your resilience to bounce back from something you didn’t dodge, I want to appreciate that too.

Your courage in the face of injury, trauma, or illness count too.

Tell me about the tools you used to recover from whatever life offered.

Your stories matter to me, and to others.

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Please Note: Doctor Chander cannot practice medicine via the internet; no matter how hard she presses on the keyboard she won't be able to feel your pulse. Doctor Chander will not dispense medical advice via email - if you have health concerns please schedule a consultation or see your doctor. For full disclaimer please see Disclaimer Page.

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